Finally, the solution you've been looking for...

The Sustainavore course is easy to follow, backed by science, and teaches you how to find the right way to eat for your health and the planet.

  • Confused about which diet is best for the planet and your health specifically?

  • Feeling frustrated with quick-fix diets and conflicting nutrition information?

  • Diana makes it simple, healthy, and sustainable.

    And best of all, you'll learn how to make this way of eating sustainable to follow, so it won't even feel like a diet!

Your Instructor, Diana Rodgers, RD

Registered Dietitian and Sustainability Advocate

Diana Rodgers, RD

Diana Rodgers, RD, is a “real food” nutritionist and sustainability advocate near Boston, Massachusetts. She runs a clinical nutrition practice, hosts the Sustainable Dish Podcast, and has served as an advisory board of numerous nutrition and agriculture organizations including Whole30, Animal Welfare Approved and Savory Institute. She speaks internationally about the intersection of optimal human nutrition, regenerative agriculture, and food justice. More recently, her work has focused on shifting the anti-meat narrative. Diana is co-author of, Sacred Cow: The Case for (Better) Meat and the director, producer of the companion film, Sacred Cow. Her new initiative, the Global Food Justice Alliance, advocates for the inclusion of animal-sourced foods in dietary policies for a more nutritious, sustainable and equitable worldwide food system.

Here's What You'll Learn

With over 7 hours of instruction by Diana Rodgers, RD, you’ll learn how to optimize your nutrition in a way that is also good for the planet. The content is presented in 8 modules and includes optional quizzes to make sure the information is sinking in. Plus, you'll also get 60 daily emails full of tips, tricks and motivation to keep you going.

  • 1

    1. Introduction and What to Eat

    • Introduction and What to Eat

    • Quiz: Introduction and What to Eat

    • What's Included, What's Not?

    • Quiz: What's Included, What's Not?

    • Planning & Tracking Your Food

    • Bonus: How to Use Cronometer

    • Sustainavore 30-Day Challenge Quick Reference PDF

    • Quiz: Planning and Tracking

    • Starting Your Journal

    • Sustainavore End of Module 1

    • Useful Equipment

  • 2

    2. Why are We So Sick?

    • Why Are We So Sick?

    • Quiz: Why Are We So Sick?

    • Dietary (Mis)guidelines

    • Quiz: Dietary (Mis)guidelines

    • Recap: Why Are We So Sick?

    • Sustainavore End of Module 2

  • 3

    3. What Do We Need to Thrive?

    • What Do We Need to Thrive?

    • Quiz: What Do We Need to Thrive?

    • Protein, Fat and Carbs - Best Sources

    • Quiz: Protein, Fats and Carbs - Best Choices

    • Recap: What Do We Need to Thrive?

    • Sustainavore End of Module 3

  • 4

    4. Why Eat Plants?

    • Why Eat Plants? Pros and Cons

    • Quiz: Pros and Cons of Eating Plants

    • What Happens When We Eat ONLY Plants?

    • Quiz: What Happens When We Eat ONLY Plants?

    • Recap: Why Eat Plants?

    • Sustainavore End of Module 4

  • 5

    5. Why Eat Meat?

    • Why Eat Animals? Nutrients

    • Quiz: Why Eat Animals: Nutrients

    • Grass-fed vs. Grain-finished Beef

    • Quiz: Grass-fed vs. Grain-finished Beef

    • Recap: The Benefits of Animal-Sourced Foods

    • Meat Primer Handbook

    • Ultimate Guide to Ethical Sourcing

    • Sustainavore End of Module 5

  • 6

    6. Food and the Environment

    • The Importance of Biodiversity

    • Quiz: The Importance of Biodiversity

    • Land, Water, Feed and Greenhouse Gasses

    • Quiz: Land, Water, Feed and Greenhouse Gasses

    • Resources: Livestock and the Environment

    • Sustainavore End of Module 6

  • 7

    7. Food and Ethics

    • Diet as Religion

    • Quiz: Diet as Religion

    • What is the Diet of Least Harm?

    • Quiz: What is the Diet of Least Harm?

    • Recap: Ethics and Regenerative Agriculture

    • Sustainavore End of Module 7

  • 8

    8. Feeding the World - What You Can Do

    • Human "Feed" or Nutrition?

    • Do We Have the Land for Grass-fed Beef?

    • What Changes Need to Happen?

    • What You Can Do

    • Reflections on the Food System

    • Sustainavore Survey

    • Sustainavore End of Module 8

  • 9

    Bonus eBooks & Interviews (about 30 min to 80 min each)

    • Beginners Meat Primer eCookbook

    • Ultimate Guide to Sustainable Sourcing

    • Dr. Sarah Halberg

    • Dr. Anne Mottet

    • Chris Masterjohn, PhD

    • Dr. Aseem Malhotra

    • Charles Massey, Phd

    • Monica and Aaron Rocchino

    • Andrew Smith, Phd

    • Daniella Howell

    • Dr. Drew Ramsey

    • Robb Wolf

    • Allen Williams, PhD

    • Frederic Leroy, PhD

    • Patrick Holden

    • Joel Salatin

    • Lierre Keith

    • Hendrick Dierendock

    • Frank Mitloehner, PhD

    • John Ikerd, PhD

    • Nicolette Hahn Niman

    • David Pratt

    • Paul and Joanne Mosher

    • Jason Rowntree, PhD

    • Nina Teicholz

    • Dr. Mark Hyman

Free Limited Time Offer Bonuses

In addition to the digital course and online community, currently I am including these free limited time offer bonuses with your enrollment into the Sustainavore program.

  • Bonus: Ultimate Guide to Sustainable Sourcing

    Changing how you eat & how you source your food can seem difficult and confusing, especially if you’re used to buying mostly from supermarkets. Learn how to easily plug into your local food system, and other innovative ways to explore sourcing better food no matter where you are. Easily connect w/ local farmers, CSA’s, and like minds & get budget friendly, sustainably produced, REAL food starting today. $̶𝟭̶𝟮̶.̶𝟵̶𝟱̶ → 𝗙𝗥𝗘𝗘

  • Bonus: Beginners Meat Primer eCookbook

    The simple but forgotten steps for making sure you’re storing, thawing, and cooking meat for optimal nutrition and healing. The purpose of this e-book is to demonstrate that preparing healthy meals at home with meat can nourish your body, be quick, AND surprisingly budget-friendly. Enjoy recipes, tips and tricks to well-equip you and your family for healthy, delicious, and sustainably conscious meals. $̶𝟮̶𝟵̶.̶𝟵̶𝟱̶ → 𝗙𝗥𝗘𝗘

  • Bonus: Sacred Cow Expert Interviews (Over 20+ Hours Of Exclusive Footage)

    Most interview footage never made it into my film. Go deep with over TWENTY-FOUR different interviews with the most sought-after worldwide nutrition & sustainability experts such as Dr. Mark Hyman, Joel Salatin, Robb Wolf, and MORE! Don’t miss this chance to watch their full interviews – over 20+ hours of EXCLUSIVE unpublished footage unavailable anywhere else. $̶𝟮̶𝟵̶.̶𝟵̶𝟱̶ → 𝗙𝗥𝗘𝗘

It Can Change Your Life!

After completing the Sustainavore course, you will...

  • Balance your blood sugar, moods, & weight.

  • Have more restful sleep & more energy during the day.

  • Finally end food cravings and find a way of eating that works for you!

  • Have the confidence that the food you're choosing is the right choice for your health and the planet.


What others are saying...

Diana inspires change

Melissa Urban, Whole30

Diana is one of the few dietitians I have entrusted to give my Whole30’ers practical, effective nutrition advice. She knows how hard it is for people to change their relationship with food, and understands that connecting with her clients and readers emotionally is just as important as giving them the right dietary prescription. Diana inspires change; her knowledge, passion, and dedication to the well-being of her clients and our community is what makes her both an exceptional dietitian and a true thought leader.

The straight truth about feeding my family the right way

Michelle Tam, Nom Nom Paleo

Diana Rodgers is the real deal: a passionate sustainability champion, brainy Paleo nutritionist, and loving mom. She taught me firsthand how our dietary choices impact not just our health but also the workers who grow our food and the world we live in. Whenever I need the straight truth about feeding my family the right way, Diana’s the first person I contact.

Not a “diet” plan, but a “lifestyle” plan that I can incorporate throughout my life

Lisa K., Amesbury, MA

I had recently had a full medical exam with my primary physician. I was unable to get the assistance that I wanted from my primary doctor about how to make the necessary lifestyle changes I needed to regain my health. Sustainavore is not a “diet” plan, but a “lifestyle” plan that I can incorporate throughout my life

Diana gets the critical link between human health and sustainable food production

Robb Wolf, The Paleo Solution

Diana really understands human nutrition. She is also one of the few who gets the critical link between human health and sustainable food production. I highly recommend her as a practitioner to help you with your diet and as a leader in the sustainable food movement.

I can’t recommend her enough

Chris Kresser, California Institute for Functional Medicine

Diana Rodgers brings a wealth of experience with food—from growing it on her own farm, to preparing it in delicious and nutritious ways, to designing dietary plans to prevent and reverse disease. I can’t recommend her enough.

The confidence to change my life

by Sarah G., Long Island, NY

For years I struggled to maintain a steady weight and energy level on a mostly vegetarian diet. I finally acknowledged that for all my efforts, I just wasn’t feeling good. Within days of implementing Diana’s suggestions, I was feeling great! Nearly 3 months have passed; my husband and I have both lost weight, improved our performance in the gym, and enjoy cooking and eating high quality meals together.

Healing from Crohn's Disease

Jill D,. Topsfield, MA

I am so grateful to have found Diana. Diana was instrumental in helping me heal from my first Crohn’s flare. She encouraged me to seek nutrient dense foods, optimize my sleep, and reduce stress. Within four months, I went from having numerous ulcers to NONE. I wholeheartedly attribute this amazing progress to modifying my diet and following Diana’s guidance.

An excellent, easy to follow roadmap

Alan Savory, Savory Institute

The shift in consumption from whole foods to highly processed foods have resulted in nutrition related disease and environmental destruction. Diana provides and excellent, easy-to-follow road map for changing our diets and regenerating the health of our families, the environment, and the planet.

Here's Everything You'll Get:

  • The complete Sustainavore 8-module video course, with over 7 hours of instruction by Diana Rodgers, RD,  “Real Food” registered dietitian and sustainability expert explains how to optimize your nutrition in a way that is also good for the planet.
  • Optional quizzes to make sure the information is sinking in.
  • 60 daily emails full of tips, tricks and motivation to keep you going.
  • Bonus: Ultimate Guide to Sustainable Sourcing
  • Bonus: Beginners Meat Primer
  • Bonus: Sustainavore 30-Day Quick Reference Guide
  • Bonus: 20+ hours of video Interviews with Nutrition and Sustainability Experts from the film Sacred Cow


  • When will I be able to start?

    You will have access to the entire course and bonus materials the day you buy. You'll be able to go at your own pace.

  • Will I have direct access to Diana?

    At this moment, Diana's practice is full, which is why she created this course as an inexpensive way to learn on your own, and the course is less than the price of the initial consult with her.

  • Is there a refund or money-back guarantee?

    No. Because you'll have access to the entire course, emails and bonus materials from day one, there are no refunds.

  • How long will I have access?

    You will have access to the Sustainavore modules and bonus videos for six months.